Sunday, July 11, 2021

Ready to Play?

Anyone hungry?  I know I am!!

Check out Barefoot Men (my other blog) for a brief update on me.  Miss you all!

Much love,


Here is a little more fun to enjoy....


  1. YOP! I would be sometime ready to play with another man BUT no one wants to come and play with me for damn million of gay reasons.
    I'm not enough hairy, bearded, young, bottom or top, cut or uncut etc... etc....

    For now I'm playing with my right hand and sometime my left one and it's ok for now.
    Never been decieved or sheated by them.

  2. You know I am Gabriel!!!! Nice play to get the appetite going!!!

  3. Gabriel, Gabriel…come out to play…hope all is still on the upward trail…looking forward to your return!

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