Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Top Ten @ 10


  1. Luscious set....
    1 so sensual ...tantalizing
    4 so sexy...
    5 so hot...cock on mouth, finger in hole: paradise
    Last...sweet, romantic
    Excellent post!

    1. I could see you posing for a photo like the last one on one of your nature hikes. And of course, I would like the world premiere of it on Guys From Behind!

    2. Luke and I are having a meeting of the minds.
      1. I want to kiss every inch of his gorgeous curves.
      4. I don't know whether to take him right there or lie him in the wheelbarrow and take him somewhere more comfortable...and then worship that ass.
      5. Just lie back Sweetie while I make your eyes roll back in your head.
      10. Explorable surroundings and an Explorable man by your side aaaahhhhh.

    3. Great comments B! ...do read and really enjoy the B Boys comments.

      ...and Gabriel, you are totally right about 10 being a scene I could produce! .....but, hmmmmm, where might I find the hot-assed companion to join me in the photo shoot and - as Bruce infers so appropriately - the exlploration of the hot guy that follows? LOL!

    4. Well, I am not one to self promote very often, but I think I know of just the candidate. LOL!