Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Puerto Rico: A Long Road Ahead

As you know, I do plan for some posts ahead of time in between massage appointments.  I am glad that I do because I have been busy since the storm devastated Puerto Rico.  Two of my nephews were traveling visiting family in Florida and not in PR at the time.  They are staying with me indefinitely until they know more about the situation back there.  They are two of the greatest guys I know and proud to be their uncle.  They are working hard to help those who are still there. 

They are both straight but know that I am gay.  They are so laid back about that.  Of course I had to get creative with the massage business since my clients would want them instead of me!  LOL!  I don't need any competition from these two.  But I have finally moved things around so that clients still have privacy and the guys can go about their business in the other part of the house. 

It has been fun spending time with them and feeling like a twentysomething again (they are 19 and 22)!  LOL!  I took them shopping for some clothes since they had not packed a  lot to bring with them and I forced them to go to Holister and A&F.  They would have been fine with Target.  It probably had something to do with me wanting to feel young again!  They found a lot of things they liked mostly at Old Navy.   And you know I insisted that we get them some nice flip flops!  (Not because of some "creepy uncle" thing but because I like wearing them in everyday life as you all know!)

Puerto Rico will be beautiful again.  It may take a while but it will be. 

That is why there have been some longer periods than usual with me not commenting.  I wanted to pass that along to you so you did not think I was ignoring any comments.  I appreciate your visits to the blog and for your comments. 

Much love to all!

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