Thursday, July 13, 2017

They should just go commando!

Zsombor Piros and Wu Yibing are 18-year-olds who form the top seed at the Wimbledon boys' doubles tennis tournament. They also apparently are rebels, ghoulish enough to wear black underwear to the notoriously all-white affair.


Yes, Piros and Wu were forced to change their underwear, which were visible not over or under their proper white shorts but apparently through them.

The Wimbledon all-white rule, which was subject of a New York Times feature this year, already has reared its head for Venus Williams for daring to wear a pink sports bra that peaked slightly out from her white dress. It's a dated rule that also famously cost Roger Federer his orange-soled shoes, but this one seems even more ridiculous, given the underwear can't actually be seen.

"I'm sure you can see they were wearing black underpants," the broadcaster says.

We didn't notice.


  1. Replies
    1. I did not realize that Wimbledon was that strict, but I guess I have never seen anything but white outfits. Seems a little harsh about the underwear though.

    2. Didn't their mamas tell them that you wear beige under blends with your flesh tones and is invisible...give me a break, I grew up in the 50's.

    3. Advice like that is timeless!