Saturday, July 15, 2017

Start Your Day with a GIFt from Me!


  1. Outside is fun but sometimes you just want the comfort of your bed... ours is king size and we usually cover every inch of it.

    1. Keeps the sheets from wearing out in one place!

    2. My maid came to clean my house at noon and left a while ago. She said Mr. Tony your house is always spotless. Before you, I visited B and B and lord have mercy they have a huge king size bed and not one square inch of their sheets was unused. I felt like saying: In that case baby girl don't charge me and charge B and B. I did not because she is unmarried, and supposedly a virgin, so I did not want to have to explain about the birds and the bees(that stands for B and B right ?) LOL!!!

    3. Gabriel you have figured out why we use the whole extends the life of our bed linen.

      Tony, B and B can stand for whatever you want....Big and Bawdy, Bear and Bull, Birds and Bees, Balls and Butts.....
      If our cleaning lady can work on both coasts I am in the wrong business.

    4. I knew it! I am wise like that! LOL!

    5. I have had some great teachers! :-)