Sunday, May 7, 2017

Does anyone remember Francisco from Sean Cody?

A federal jury found 26-year-old gay porn performer David Enrique Meza guilty of planning and carrying out the brutal murder of his wealthy Texas boyfriend in Mexico.

Meza, who performed as Francisco for the popular gay porn site Sean Cody in 2010, lured Jake Clyde Merendino, 51, to the side of the road near Rosarito in the early morning hours of May 2, 2015. He then stabbed his lover 24 times, “gutting him and delivering two final slashes to the neck” before he dragged his body to a cliff and dumped it over the edge, according to the San Diego Tribune.


The San Diego Tribune adds:
Meza was after Merendino’s money, prosecutors said. With his death, Meza stood to inherit the Texan’s $3 million estate plus the $273,000 oceanfront condominium Merendino had just closed on the day before near Rosarito.
The two men met in 2013 after Meza, a body-builder who admitted in a video that he was straight but did “gay things” for money, posted an online ad. Merendino answered the ad, paying Meza $100 to visit his Pacific Beach hotel, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Ciaffa in his closing arguments.
Merendino was smitten and the two dated long distance. Soon after Meza began sprinkling emails with “I love you,” he began to receive lavish gifts from Merendino. In their two years of dating, Merendino would give Meza a sports car worth $45,000, some $20,000 in cash and other perks, prosecutors said.

In an interview with a San Diego police detective, Meza admitted he knowingly pulled out the stops to keep the money flowing. “I used him, I took advantage of him,” he said in a recorded interview.

Meza was living a double life, with a girlfriend who became his fiancée in October.

He explained his newfound wealth by telling friends and family that he was helping rich clients like Merendino purchase condos.

“For two years he created lives in two separate worlds. Both were based on lies and deceit,” Ciaffa said.

When he could no longer keep his two worlds from colliding, Meza began to formulate his exit plan around Thanksgiving, according to prosecutors.

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