Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To all of you butt lovers out there...

I am going to take a break from the blogs, at least for a little while.  I received some feedback and it was fine what was said, but I have to admit it took some of the joy away from me.  Now I am second guessing things and wonder if I should post this or that.  Blogging should be fun and unfortunately this took the wind out of my sails somewhat.  I can take criticism, I really can.  But I think that some time away may help me to break my constant posting.

I will take a break for a few weeks but I will be back.  There are plenty of butts to enjoy from the archives.  And please do!  LOL!  Please know that I send each and every one of you much love and look forward to being back here in the near future.  Don't forget me!  LOL!


  1. Your blogs have become a part of our daily routines. We will miss you while you are gone. A sabbatical may be what you need. The B Boys look forward to your return and to the "new and improved" version. Stay well.
    -The B Boys

  2. Forget you? Not possible my friend! Will stay tuned and meanwhile, naked hugs!

  3. Man I could have guessed some cuckoo probably sent you a mean off the line series of comments. If and when you feel read my comment on the bare feet blog.
    Much love to you too.

  4. take your time and enjoy your relax!

  5. Voilà un beau petit cul à visiter!!

  6. My friend,

    I really hope that you reads all the comments and love you receive from your blog brothers. I of all people know what its like to need to walk away and take a break.. I do it often and I get that. I don't know what criticism was said, but I can most likely bet you that it came from a follower that you have never heard from up until that message or post. Please listen to this:

    I get hundreds of hits a day. I'm not trying to brag because I'm sure you and the rest of the guys get about the same if not double that amount. Out of all the visitors (and don't get me wrong I love my fans.) Only you and about a handful (You guys know who you are and much love) of people comment and share their support on my blog. The reason why I share this is because I got some criticism some months back from someone who followed my blog regularly. But I would have never known because the only one time I heard from this guy was to tell me what I could do better.

    Morale of the story: You work your ass off to have an excellent blog. Don't let someone you never heard of, someone who hasn't lifted one finger to help you get from point A to point B dictate the fate of your artistry. With that in mind

    I love you and I DO look forward to smackin' dat booty when you get back. Peace.

    The Male Casting Couch

    1. Gabriel: Mark and I share the very same feeling. And Mark dear friend I have not followed your blog recently. Please forgive me, I will come back soon, very soon.....
      Love to all!!!

  7. Bootilicious!!!!