Sunday, January 31, 2016

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The right touch!

Just so you know, I love to kiss

When I read the personal stories of bloggers like Mark (The Male Casting Couch) and Queer Heaven (Queer Heaven), I am inspired to share more personal thoughts and stories.  So here is the first of hopefully many posts sharing my thoughts.

I love to kiss.  I am actually a very affectionate guy.  I was raised in a family that kissing family members on the cheek was normal, so I guess my ease with kissing probably started there.  But of course that is not the type of kissing that I am referring to!

I love kissing a man.  Wonderful foreplay.  Deep passionate kisses.  A man who is into kissing will have his way with me, that's for sure.  Of course I have had the occasional booty call that was just sex, but that is not nearly as enjoyable as some true affection mixed in with the sex.

When I saw the images that I posted, it reminded me of an ex-boyfriend.  We had great sex and he was into kissing too.  There were times that he would be wanting to jack off and I would just make out with him while he did his thing.  I never touched his cock.  A hand on his chest was probably the only thing that touched his body other than my lips and tongue in his mouth.  And that could be as satisfying to me as if we had given each other incredible blowjobs.  Many times, for whatever reason, I would not try to get off.  It was about him and loving on him. 

So your blogger here is a fan of kissing, from some kissing foreplay to some afterglow kissing and cuddling.  Thanks for reading.  Kisses to all of you!