Friday, July 29, 2016

Top Nine @ 9

Last night was my 2100th post

Apparently I love ass and all things male.  I noticed on my blog that last night's "Top Ten @ 10" was my 2100th post.  That is a lot of ass!  And cock!  And smiles!

Thanks for going on this ride with me.  Your comments make it so much fun to blog and I hope that the research department is doing a good job in finding quality booty to showcase.  If not, please let me know so I can talk with the department!  LOL!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Ten @ 10

Having a bad day...ugh!

We all have them.  One of those days where nothing seems to be going right.  I know that my air conditioning issue is part of it, but that is finally getting resolved and it is not as bad as I was thinking it might be.  So that should make for a good day, right?

I pride myself with being an upbeat, optimistic person.  Today is a tough day for some reason though.  I just felt like sharing.  I will be OK after a good night's sleep in an igloo-cold room.  LOL! 

How do you get through those tough days?  I do something that I should not do but at least it is only harmful to my bank account.  I order me something pretty like a gay man should, right?  I think it will be fun for you to weigh in on what I should get (not that I need anything): 

A pair of Tom's Sandals might be nice (but I really don't need):

Or some jewelry from one of my favorite Australian jewelry makers that I discovered on Etsy (but I really don't need)

Or another funky-looking watch (that I really don't need):

So what should it be?  Help me spend some money (well, via the card you know!) 

And even though it is a bad day, your boy here is healthy and blessed.  I will be fine.  No worries.  Just one of those days we all get.  So make your vote for my "me to me" present count!  LOL!  Or if you have an idea on a website I should check out for a "me to me" gift, share that as well.