Monday, May 28, 2018

I've Been Busy...But I am Coming...Back! LOL!

Hi guys,

I have been really busy, but not so busy that I haven't thought about my blog family and missed our fun conversations.  I should be caught up with those deadlines in a few more weeks.  I hope you will still hang out with me and enjoy some hot butts (among other things!) when I return.

And if someone can explain this cookie notification thing that Blogger is talking about, I would appreciate it.  Wow, the things that change while I am away!

Missing you all and hope to be back on a regular basis in a few more weeks!

Much love,

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Short Break

To my Guys From Behind Blog Family,

Your boy Gabriel here is taking a short break from blogging.  I am anticipating being away for 3-4 weeks to regroup and recharge.  What started out as a fun thing to do in between massage appointments turned into something that I love and enjoy so much.  Getting to know so many of you who visit GFB is what truly makes it enjoyable for me. 

I am fine but feeling a little overloaded and I think a short break will do me some good.  But that doesn't mean you should stop visiting and commenting because there are so many posts and sooooooo many hot butts to enjoy from the past.  Don't let those asses go to waste.  Revisit!  Comment!  Comment again if you did the first time!  LOL!

Please know how much I truly love my blog family and I hope that you will be here waiting for me when I return. 

Until then, I leave you with my love and some sexy butts in action!

Love to all!